Thank you for visiting my webpage! My hobby and passion over the past 20 plus years is studying and testing cold hardy cactus, succulents, and drought hardy perennials for use in the arid regions of the Intermountain West. Initially, my motivation was prompted by the lack of availability and knowledge of these kinds of plants at the local nurseries when attempting to convert my grass covered, water gobbling, landscape into a water wise xeric garden. It's truly amazing the diversity of plant life that has adapted to hot/cold arid conditions to which are almost unheard of in the public realm outside of the traditional boundries of the Desert Southwest.

The purpose and goal of this site is to introduce you to some of the plants that I've tested over the years and expand the knowledge base available for the general public about cold adapted desert plants. I hope it will be as much of a learning experience for me as well as for you.

My private nursery is an on-line business only, so in person visits are by appointment only. Call, text, or email me ( best )  to schedule your appointment in advance.

Thanks again for visiting and I hope you enjoy your tour and I look forward to doing business with you!

Kreg Hines

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Purple sage ( Salvia dorrii )
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Oolite sandstone grains.
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Plains Prickly Pear ( Opuntia polyacantha )