Thank you for visiting my webpage! My hobby and passion over the past 30 plus years is studying and testing cold hardy cactus, succulents, and desert perennials for use in the arid regions of the Intermountain West. Initially, my motivation was prompted by the lack of availability and knowledge of these kinds of plants at the local nurseries when attempting to convert my grass covered, water gobbling, landscape into a water wise xeric garden. It's truly amazing the diversity of plant life that has adapted to hot, cold, arid conditions to which are almost unheard of in the public realm outside of the traditional boundaries of the Desert Southwest. It is my goal to help educate the public at large the true potential and real beauty of cold desert xeric landscaping as well as make available those plants through garden cultivated seedlings, cuttings or seeds which I've tested and succeeded with over the years. Much of this is still a work in progress and I wish to thank everyone for their support and incredibly positive feedback. 

Thanks again for visiting!

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Geoscape Desert Nursery
Cold hardy cactus, succulents, and perennials for the rock gardening enthusiast.
1962 North Sparkling Place
Meridian, Idaho 83646
(208) 884-1251 ( voice mail )
email: [email protected]

- Flickr photo gallery link to the latest uploaded garden & habitat photo's here.
-  If your interested in pre-ordering, to be shipped later, please contact via email and I can reserve those plants for you.
- For large orders, also contact me via email ahead to confirm availability. I offer a 5% discount on orders over $200 and a 10% discount on orders of $500 or more.
For local customers:
This is a private nursery and in person purchasing, visits or tours are by appointment only. Email me at
[email protected] for scheduling. Keep in mind this is my weekend hobby business and visits are limited to weekends and late evenings during the week.

Recommended soil mix for dry desert plants:
6 parts cinder (lava) fines
2 parts riverbed sand
1 part garden compost
1 part native soil

Recommended soil mix for desert riparian plants:
2 parts native soil
1 part cinder (lava) fines
1 part riverbed sand
1 part garden compost

Boise area sources: * = Kreg's recommendation

Idaho Materials (formerly International Stone)
2755 E State St., Eagle, ID
(208) 853-8600
Bulk & bag plus delivery options available:
1 inches minus cinder (lava) fines
Decomposed Granite (DG), cinder fines alternate
Sand (builders or play sand)
Garden Compost
Top Soil (native soil)
"Sienna" sandstone/limestone mix for top dressing*

Cloverdale Nursery
2528 N Cloverdale Rd., Boise, ID
(208) 375-5262
Bulk loading or delivery options:
1 inch minus red & black cinder (lava) fines*
Sand (play sand)
Garden Compost
Top Soil (native soil)

Sunroc of Idaho
10988 Joplin Rd., Boise, ID
(208) 939-2000
Bulk loading or (large volume) delivery options:
Sand (cyclone, silt or riverbed)*
Sand (builders)
3/8th's crushed pea gravel (cinder fines alternate)*

Meridian/Nampa area source:

Victory Greens
4975 S Meridian Rd., Meridian, ID
(208) 888-5551
Bulk loading or delivery options:
Small loading bucket option (bring your own buckets)
1 inch minus cinder (lava) fines
Decomposed Granite (DG), cinder fines alternate
Sand (play sand)
Garden Compost
Top Soil
Multiple rock color options for top dressing